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Digital Marketing

Our digital specialists will develop engaging content and social chatter that’ll get your potential customers talking about your business. We follow all conversations to ensure we’re always involved when the conversations are happening.

The marketing sector has changed, and the ways customers react or engage with services have changed. We run an audience-driven marketing strategy, which will help you increase lead generation, customer loyalty, brand reputation, and profit.

We understand that your audience converts according to emotions and lifestyles, and we market your business to appeals to their feelings. Once they’re hooked, there is no going back.

Our team of creative hotel marketing experts works with dynamism and adapts their concepts and strategies according to the changing needs of both your product and your potential customers. Though we won’t be with you daily, you’ll continually feel the effect of our marketing efforts throughout our multi-faceted digital marketing channels.

What we offer

  • Regular News Letter in English & Arabic Languages to our Large, up to date database that consists of: 

    • Over 2000 travel Managers, top executives and contracting managers in the corporate sector besides a number of Media professionals.

    • Over 2500 Travel Agents in small, Medium and Large Travel Agencies & Events companies.

  • Social media posts in both English& Arabic about your product in all our social media accounts that reach both Travel professionals as well as end consumers. 

  • listing of your product on our corporate website as well as our Public website.

  • assistance & arrangement of:

    • Featuring & advertisement in the travel press and national newspapers​.

    • Influencer marketing.

  • Routine reports and analysis.

  • Lead generation & follow up.


What you gain

  • Increased exposure of your business across all online marketing channels.

  • High customer retention.

  • Widened reach and business opportunities.

  • Enhanced brand exposure.

  • Increased industry reputation.

  • Customer loyalty.


Are your marketing efforts not yielding expected results?

Are you looking to break into the Middle East hospitality industry?


Join the Hotels Club and start getting the results you need.


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