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The Travel & Tourism business in the Middle East and GCC is growing exponentially, and daily new hospitality outfits are springing up. This creates intense competition in the industry because every hotel, Destination, and travel company aims at getting a chunk of the Middle East tourism and hospitality market share. One thing is sure; however, you need an enhanced sales and marketing strategy to succeed. This is because conventional marketing isn’t enough anymore. You need to stand out. It’s vital that you build up your brand, attract new customers, and maintain loyalty with existing customers.

As one of the industries profoundly affected by digital trends, hotels’ management must leverage online marketing in addition to their conventional marketing. 

This competitive nature of the market and the need to increase market share through the adoption of the most effective sales & marketing strategies make it vital for hotel owners and management to contract an expert. Not just any hospitability management company, but a hotel representation company that understands the system and will put high converting sales & marketing strategies in place to help you achieve maximum ROI.

Which is where Hotels Club comes in!


Experienced Hotel Representation Company in the Middle East and GCC

Hotels Club will help you uncover and qualify quality leads for your hotel. Our team of seasoned travel professionals and marketing experts understand the challenges you’re facing regarding sales and marketing, and we leverage our expertise to deliver qualified leads to you. Our clients range from small, independent hotels to large organized hotel chains and everything in-between. Our scalable solutions are suitable for you if you own or manage a hotel looking to boost its sales pipeline or a group of hotels looking to strengthen the market share of all hotels in their chain.

The services we offer include;



Are your marketing efforts not yield expected results?

Are you looking to break into the Middle East hospitality industry?


Join the Hotels Club and start getting the results you need.


View our membership packages and make a choice.

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